We are a Company in the Oil & Gas industry and is currently working on a machining project that require the work of a CAD/CAM programmer (Mastercam/UG). This project has 2 drawings which require efficient and effective milling programs that will run on a Fanuc controller machine.

You will be required to build the CAD 3D model from the PDF drawing supplied. The part will have milling profiles all round hence you will need to be familiar with 4-axis milling programming.

Material will be Inconel 718 with hardness of approximately 170ksi.

You will be required to support through the entirety of this milling project which is expected to last about 1.5months on an ad-hoc basis, full-time help is not required. Support by means of editing the program etc.

This position will only be opened to experienced CAD/CAM programmers with at least 10 years of experience in similar parts.

Please send me a PM on your profile should you wish to take up this job and we will discuss further.

Thank you.