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    How to drive Analog Servo Input +/- 10V

    What drives an Analog velocity signal in a servo amp?
    Can this be done directly from the computer, Program an IC?
    or otherwise?
    How do I deal with the motor encoder outputs to drive an analog velocity signal from the computer?
    Hope someone can help?
    Thanks in Advance

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    To use a PC you generally need a motion card or other with analogue output. The loop is closed back to the motion card via the cards encoder input.
    If you use a software based control like mach etc, the signal to the drives is step & direction through the parallel port, so if you have analogue drives you need a S/D to analogue conversion I believe if you search here for Pixie it will show up.
    For an example of a closed Motion card look on the Galil Motion site.
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