I used to use a 1984 Hurco KM3P with an Ultimax 1 controller, back in the 90's. They are a great little machine for general use and hobbiest. I did some pretty amazing things on that machine, especially with the 3D mold feature. Ever since then, I've always wanted a workshop, with a Hurco in it. I've had a workshop for several years now. So I decided, now was the time.

I've been looking for a good deal on a good used Hurco for several weeks. And low and behold, I found a decent deal on KM3P, identical to the one I used to use (even the same year). Ultimately, I would prefer a little newer machine, with at least an Ultimax 2 or later control. But, I thought, there' nothing really that I can think of that I couldn't do on the Ultimax 1 control... Or is there?!?

So, before I bite the bullet and buy this thing, a couple questions:

1. What do the later controls do or have that the Ultimax 1 doesn't? Basically, what are the differences?

2. The only thing I can think of that I would like to be able to do on it, that I never did back in the day, was to program using a CAM package, and running the g-code program on the KM3P. So this becomes a several part question:
a) Can the Ultimax 1 control even run G-code? This wasn't something I ever had an opportunity to try, back in the day.
b) How do you actually get the program from the computer, to the control? I've never really done a whole lot in the way of CAM programming, or even much G-code. Some. But not a ton of it. So bare with me here. Can the computer be connected directly to the control? I remember there being 2 weird looking large round bayonet type connectors on the back of the machine I used to use. I'm assuming this was for communications to the computer for G-code. But I'm uncertain. Does anyone have any experience with running G-code from a CAM package, on an Ultimax 1 control? If so, could you describe how you do it?

Any comments regarding running CAM created programs on an Ultimax 1 control are appreciated...

Thank you