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    ARD convert to DXF

    Hi folks,

    We are working on furniture productin and generally Autocad and DXF files does work for our basic CNC works. But one of design needed to be work with Alphacam. DXF drawings import to Alphacam and reshaped for CNC router machine wth small changes. Problem is, I need to use the same shape for laser cutting routers for metal sheets in another company. Metal laser cutting company says that "ARD can not use, the file must be DXF format".Because of they are usig different post processor i their laser cutting machines.
    I can not draw once again because correct shape in ARD format. I need to convert ARD file to DXF file....

    do you know any way to convert ARd to DXF?

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    Re: ARD convert to DXF

    Hi, You just have to choose "Export Cad" - here You can have DXF / Iges export (and more depending on the job/file)

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