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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > MadCAM > Unable to generate 5 axis part trimming toolpath
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    Unable to generate 5 axis part trimming toolpath

    I am attempting to create a part trimming toolpath to trim a thermoformed plastic part. I attempted to follow all relevant instructions from the help section and a video tutorial on the madcam youtube channel.

    My process is as follows:
    1. select the part for the MC_SelectModel command

    This generates a layer called macCAM with sublayer Box-region containing a wireframe bounding box of my part.

    2. I select the default 0.2" flat end mill as my trimming tool.

    3. I have followed the example given in the youtube channel in constructing my geometry. My trimming curve is on the top edge of the part and is a closed curve all the way around the part. I created orientation vectors for the tool axis by using the OrientCrvToEdge command in rhino. All vectors are a 1" line segment.

    4. I select the Simultaneous 5-axis part trimming toolpath and select the appropriate trimming curve and vectors.
    It them prompts me to select a cutting side and direction. However, unlike in the example youtube video where as the tool is moved around the trimming curve, the tool axis is seen to follow the direction of the orientation vectors, my tool axis is locked to the vertical direction. When choosing an orientation despite this indication of a failure to recognize the orientation vectors, I am given an error: Add toolpath to rhino failed.

    Any help would be appreciated. I have attempted to break up the trimming curve and test just a small segment of the full profile I wish to machine and am given the same results. I have selected the 5-axis head-head machine and have followed the suggested Rhino settings for mesh,units,tolerance.
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