Getting an Electrician to add more Power Points. At the moment I'm using standard household Power Points. Like most people I have a few Power Boards with multiple machines plugged in but rarely are there more then 3 things running at once. I was wondering am I better getting a Higher amp Power Point installed and run my Power Boards from that.

Only time I ever have a problem is when I have my Compressor turned on and it filling up with air, if I'm using my Small Table Saw it sometimes throws the Reset on my Power Board ( Never at the Powerbox in the house ) so if I get a higher amp Power Point installed will that stop that from happening? I was thinking that might save me some $$ so replace my normal amp Power Point with a higher amp one rather then get 4 or 5 normal amp Power Points installed.

Also in my Office where I have a 6 pack Power Board with 6 various things running like a Desktop Computer, 2 Monitors, a Printer, and Notebook plugged in would a higher amp Power Point be worthwhile installing to plug my 6 Pack Power Board into?

Thanks in Advance