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IndustryArena Forum > Metalworking Machines > Colchester Tornado lathes > Tornado/Storm 80 - Turret indexing to wrong position
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    Tornado/Storm 80 - Turret indexing to wrong position

    Whilst running a batch of parts on my T80 (Storm 80 I think to those of you in the USA?) today the turret bommed out and gave me a referencing error.
    I had to power down and back up to get the machine going again, but now when executing T0101, the turret is moving to T0202 position, T2 = T3 position etc...

    I've done quite a lot of searching & reading and have tried setting the turret to T1 position and resetting parameter 1815.4, but unfortunately this hasn't made any difference.

    Can anyone help me with resetting the turret reference position please?

    Many thanks

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    What control is on the Tornado ?
    For them you don't use 1815
    If you send me your email I'll send you a procedure

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    Jan 2020
    I'm having the same issue with mine, using a FANUC 21T control. if you can send me the same procedure, I would appreciate it.

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