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    Poor burn quality - banding

    Hello, I'm new to the laser engraving world. I'm a software developer and casual woodworker hoping to convert my woodworking hobby to a sales tool.

    To get into the market, I purchased a Chinese laser engraver. I've been getting used to how it works for a few days. It came with Benbox software. The software has proven to be quite a challenge to use.

    My engraving purpose is single. I only want to make approximate 4" x 2" max size engravings in hardwood (maple, oak, cherry). I finally figured out Benbox enough to try some burns. The first trial burn was fantastic (the "Fender" logo"). The second was awful (the "Taylor" logo). The files used are JPG. They are almost the exact same properties except that the "Fender" file is at "8 bit depth" and the "Taylor" is at "24 bit depth." These trials were made in the same piece of maple about 3" apart.

    Photos of both burns are attached so you can tell what I'm referring to.

    Please advise what I can do to correct this, and can you tell me what is happening to make this awful burn?

    Thank you!
    Jeff Paar
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