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View Poll Results: Do you like global warming?

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Fastest1 View Post
    I believe in evolution. Adapt or die. A degree or 2 change in a lifetime (say 60 years) is not going to have much of an effect.
    There is only 1 constant, it is change.

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    Evolution is like statistics - billions of individual deaths and suffering hidden behind a few numbers in a textbook.

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    A balance you could say.........a billion deaths this year alone.....but at the same time the rest are pumping away and making more than a billion to replace them without knowing that they are making more than the losses.....climate change affecting crop yields and water supply could tale a few more away, but not enough to make a difference.....we're on the increase and eventually the gene pool will shrink until we're all related to one another in the first order, first cousins and even same family members.

    They're doing it knowingly in the plant world by limiting diversity in the crop yield to obtain the super crop that can only be affected big time by a natural predator that likes that particular blend.

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    There are more trees on earth now than we we started to keep tract, mostly because we plant them.

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    LOL......and you counted all of them......what about all those that are in being cut down each year for Christmas trees?

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    Im going with science on this one, the vast majority of scientist say man caused Climate change is real so i’m a believer.

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    I wish this were funnier. The people who are causing the problem are trying to absolve themselves of responsibility by pretending it isn't actually a problem. And so, while a warmer climate grows more crops, it also evaporates more water- causing new droughts in new places- and over oceans, where the environment doesn't run out of warm water to keep absorbing, it picks up enough that the resulting storms are beyond our capacity to deal with them.

    And we're sitting here talking about Bibles, because Jew Zeus said rainbows mean this can't happen? What the ****? How can anyone saying this be taken seriously?

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    I am all in for global warming, not a fan winter sports

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    I can just picture the old farmer!
    It was cold yesterday, cold today too,
    Probably be cold tomorrow!

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    I'm not convinced of either side of the man-made global climate change argument.

    But here's the problem I have with the current Global Warming/Climate Change debate. (The abbreviation GW is used to refer to Global Warming/Change Advocates)
    - Scandal: The topic of GW first came to my attention in the late '80s. It started with the 1980's email scandal where the GW (Global Warmer/s) proponents and GW scientists were intentionally relocating and renaming age old weather stations to locations that better supported their theory and revising historical weather data from as far back as the voyages in the 1700's of Captain James Cook. Then not long ago there was, "ClimateGate".
    - Failed Predictions: Look back at the GWs initial predictions of where the environment would be now. Thirty years ago one of their main predictions was that by now the ocean levels would be two to six feet higher, or more. (They aren't.)
    - Intimidation: At their televised rallies their Leaders advocate intimidating and prosecuting people that don't agree with them. If they truly want open discourse and the best scientific solutions why would they do that?
    - Conflation of terms: No one disagrees that the climate has been naturally changing since the last major ice age, some 10,000 years ago. But GWs conflate "natural climate change" with "man-made climate change". They make no distinction between the two terms until someone questions them. When anyone disagrees with the entire platform of GW they are belittled and disregarded as "deniers" since, obviously, the climate is changing.
    - 97%: The oft repeated, "the science of global warming is settled. Ninety seven percent of scientists agree". When have that many of us ever agreed on anything? Considering the threats to ruin the career of any scientist or politician that disagrees, and intimidation to have legal recourse by the GW advocates, it should be 100%. And, if you don't agree with the GW advocates then you are obviously not a scientist, regardless of your credentials.
    - Historical Record: Sometime in the 1400's Greenland is known to have been inhabited and farmed for hundreds of years. We know this because as the snow pack melts anthropologists are finding foundations of stone buildings and evidence of sustained farming activity. Frost Fairs and ice skating on the River Thames. Frost Fairs were held on the frozen River Thames at London for hundreds of years, but especially during the mid-1600s. Also we know that Hannibal crossed the Alps with elephants and thousands of troops through routes that have since been blocked with snow pack for generations. What else has changed?
    - Money: Trillions upon trillions of our tax dollars spent on "remedies" to GW. How much would it cost to actually help desperate people currently in critical need? If the GW advocates are indeed convinced of global warming then they should feel free to donate as much of their income as they wish to further actually reducing global warming, not raising money to put in their pocket. Since 97% are in agreement this would be a considerable and sizable fund!
    - Lifestyles: Evidently they don't believe their own message.[ They still fly their jets, live in their spacious heated and air conditioned homes and offices, and generously use fossil fuels.

    - End results: How does any of the above help me believe the GW message?

    If we are indeed willing to be open to other views than perhaps we should consider researching sources other than those clamoring for government money, craving media attention, and demanding we agree with them. Apply the basic principles of critical thinking and see what we come up with.

    Personally, I'm yet to be convinced either way.

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    I believe 100%, without a doubt or a question in my mind we are experiencing climate change. We have been since the earth was created. Human caused, possibly, naturally occurring, has been proven MANY times in the last couple hundred years and is not questioned by anyone. Are we influencing climate change, probably. Can we stop it immediately, I doubt it. Mother nature is a very powerful force and us measly little humans probably can't influence the planet that much that quickly.

    Here is where it all goes wrong and goes wrong fast...

    The people that are telling everyone else the world is coming to an end due to climate change, are not being realistic or true to their beliefs. They demand the government fix the problem, yet they don't do crap to change themselves. They blame others for the problem yet are just a guilty as anyone.

    Here is how this issue must be resolved...

    All of the people that believe climate change is caused by humans, must do this as an example for the rest of us to follow suit and change....

    1) Get rid of your cars & motorcycles - no electric vehicles either - electricity is created by burning fossil fuels.
    2) Stop taking any form of mass transit, trains, buses, airplanes, etc. - they all consume fossil fuels to create electricity.
    3) Stop using any electricity in your home, most probably created by fossil fuels
    4) Stop working at any company that uses electricity.
    5) Stop eating beef (or any other animal) that creates methane gas from flatulence.
    6) Kill your pets if they too are flatulent, if you don't you are a primary contributor to global warming!
    7) Stop eating any foods that give you gas, if you don't you are a primary contributor to global warming!

    When all the "believers" actually put up and do something, I will shut up and take action. Until then, if you are blaming humans on climate change and you haven't performed steps 1 ~ 7, shut up and get started on that list, talk to me when all of you have completed those simple 7 steps.

    Chris D

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    ….and the final step #8....stop breathing for 5 minutes, think how life as we know it could be more pleasant without you and leave the World for us mere mortals to enjoy.

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    Re: Global Warming Poll

    The sea is rising, and it looks like it did not just start:
    Click image for larger version. 

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