Hi everyone,

I've been searching all over the internet for some kind of layout drawings and manuals for a Trumpf Trumatic L 2510. We just purchased one from 2006 and we need to plan our shop to make it fit by the end of aug-2019. I've been looking for a general layout with dimensions or any kind of manual but without any luck.

I've also called Trumpf directly and they said that due to the age of this machine they were not able to find any PDFs for it.

On the machine brochure there are some space requirements dimensions, but that includes the electrical modules in behind. In our shop I would move those to continue with the machine lengthwise. Therefore, I need some kind of dimensions of the machine itself (including the loading and unloading).

Can someone help me with this? Please send me a message.

Thank you,

Bogdan T

P.S. - It can also be a picture with written dimensions on it. Anything will do.