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    Selecting one of multiple layered tool paths

    Does anyone know of a trick to select one of several tool paths stacked on top of each other for editing.

    My problem I sometimes have parts that need milled out, but may also have an edge treatment on one or more sides (just an open offset). These tool paths end up overlaping and look like one and if I need to edit one or the other sometimes I find that I can not get to one of them. Double clicking on the tool path to edit it always brings up the other tool path that I don't want to edit.

    So far the only way I've found to get to and edit the path I want is to start deleting stuff until I can get to the path I need to edit. That is very time consuming to go back and restore the parts I had to delete to edit the one tool path I couldn't get to.

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    Re: Selecting one of multiple layered tool paths

    No mention of what you are using. Use layers in the drawing software to generate specific tool paths.

    For example, an outline using an etching tool is on layer 1 (arbitrary layer number but a standard for drawing in your own environment would be recommended for best/common practices). The outline of a part may be etched to indicate overall dimensions, possibly engraving if used or other features.

    The same drawing object/entity would also be used to cut the outline on say the outer edge to free the part from the material. Copy the object to a different layer (with a different colour) for the actual cut (using a different tool). When you generate the tool paths, use the selected layers in the appropriate order, disabling those not needed for the operation/tool in your needed sequence.

    For example:

    Layer 1 (green) = etch/engrave
    Layer 2 (yellow) = pocket
    Layer 3 (blue) = drill
    Layer 4 (orange) = countersink
    Layer 5 (red) = cut part - outer-edge

    For operations using say "etch", enable multiple layers but for "cut" enable only layer 5.

    When you generate the g-code, it should be in sections (perhaps separated by tool change code) making it easier to identify the various operations. The completed file can be edited to add generous comments of what each section does. Alternately, use separate files for each operation/tool but this might be unsuitable for your needs.

    Others may have better ideas.

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    Re: Selecting one of multiple layered tool paths

    I've found that having multiple pieces of the same part on different layers gets to be a big pain if you need to copy and paste it to different files or need to use the undo/redo at all.

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