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    CNC conversion motors won't turn

    I'm pretty new to the forums so I apologize if I'm not adhering to the proper rules of conduct, but I'm in need of some assistance in getting my CNC conversion working. A while ago I purchased a G0704 CNC conversion kit from Automation Technologies and I tried hooking up the x-axis motor for testing purposes. As far as I can tell I've wired everything up correctly as per Automation Technology's website directions and I've triple checked everything. I'm fairly certain that is not an issue with the wiring unless I'm a lot worse than I thought I was at this kind of stuff (which is entirely possible). The problem I have is that the motor locks up and won't turn in either direction when jogging the x-axis in Mach 3 (I have demo version at the moment). I know that the motor has power as I can hear a faint humming from inside and all other components also appear to have power, as indicated by their power LED lights. The images attached below show how everything is wired together as well as the NEMA 23 motor specifications for my x-axis. I really want to get the milling machine up and running before the next school semester starts back up for fear that I may not have enough time to work on it so I would very much appreciate any advice that anyone has to offer. I have also provided a written report of how I have wired everything together and it is as follows (I'm not particularly well educated in electronic vocabulary so if I refer to something incorrectly or insufficiently I apologize in advance and hope that you will correct me):

    I'm checking my wiring yet again as I write this.

    The large silver box is a 48V power supply (48V-PS)
    - green wire is ground
    - white wire is neutral
    - black wire is live

    The smaller perforated box is a 5V power supply (5V-PS)
    - green wire comes from 48V-PS to 5V-PS ground
    - white wire comes from 48V-PS to 5V-PS neutral
    - black wire comes from 48V-PS to 5V-PS live

    The orange wire from the 5V-PS goes to the GND slot of the C10 breakout board
    The blue wire from the 5V-PS goes to the 5V and the EN slot of the C10 breakout board

    The motor driver is a KL-5056E
    - orange wire goes from PUL- on the driver to slot 2 on the breakout board
    - 2nd orange wire goes from DIR- on the driver to slot 3 on the breakout board

    - blue wire goes from PUL+ and DIR+ on the driver to COM slot on the breakout board located in between slots 2 and 3

    The dip switch settings I currently have are as follows:
    1 = off
    2 = off
    3 = off
    4 = off
    5 = off
    6 = off
    7 = on
    8 = on

    These switch settings should correspond 5.6A peak and 4.0A RMS and 1600 pulse/rev. Switch 4 being in the off position equal half current (I have tried jogging the motor with 4 = on)

    The motor is a NEMA 23 (570oz)
    I have wired the motor as per Automation Technology's website instructions
    - black goes to A+
    - green goes to A-
    - red goes to B+
    - blue goes to B-

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    Re: CNC conversion motors won't turn

    I'm assuming you are u sing a parallel port? I'd check the port address.

    What version of Windows are you using?

    UCCNC 2017 Screenset

    Mach3 2010 Screenset

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    Re: CNC conversion motors won't turn

    with the 5V power on , enable terminal connected to +5V and the C10 board connected to a PC printer port (or motion controller emulating a printer port)

    To enable the C10 breakout board
    the boards DB25 pin 18 needs to be grounded via the printer the cable to the printerport ground pins 19 to 25
    ( unplugging the printer cable disables the C10 outputs )

    do you have the power and status LEDs on ?


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    Re: CNC conversion motors won't turn

    Could be that you have no wire going to 'Enable' on the driver so it wouldn't work.
    The basic wiring setup given for these Chinese stepper sets are as follows:

    5V+ from board to ENBL+ on driver
    Then a bridging wire on driver from ENBL+ to both PUL+ & DIR+
    Then PUL/DIR from board to PUL- & DIR- on driver.

    Try that.


    I have one machine set up like this above and my other set up like the one below:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails driver wiring2.jpg  

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    Re: CNC conversion motors won't turn

    with drivers like the KL-5056E the enable input is a negative logic input so the drive is enabled by default with no input

    link to pdf wiring diagram showing enable not connected



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