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    ikegai Tur 25 spindle post for fusion 360

    Hi Guys I am in need of a post processor for a fanuc OT lathe with live tooling can anybody help me ?
    The fanuc post in fusion do not work i tied them all

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    Re: ikegai Tur 25 spindle post for fusion 360

    Is it only the live tooling that is the problem or the Fanuc post won't run at all? I just hand write the G code for the live tool operations on mine because I'm too lazy to modify the post processor. You might modify a Haas mill/turn post to work on the OT.

    You could do what I did with my OT and rip out everything that says Fanuc on it and replace it with modern hardware and controls.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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