EAAK CNC waterjet cutter application:
The cutting materials are not limited (such as stainless steel,carbon steel,copper,brass,aluminum and other metal,glass,stone,marble,granite,foam,ceramics,pla stics,composite materials...), waterjet cutting is currently the most applicable cutting method;

Metal cutting:
1 Decoration of stainless steel,aluminum.iron,brass and other metal cutting process.
2 Manufacture of machinery and equipment control cabinets such as food machinery,medical machinery,CNC machinery.
3 The metal parts cutting such as stainlesssteel flange,semi-finished,steel construction, non-ferrous metal and so on.
Glass cutting machine:
1 Gas stove surfaces, range hood,disinfecting cabinet, TV, bathroom products.
2 Construction and decoration glass,automotive glass.
Ceramic and stone cutting:
1 Ceramic cutting for decoration and construction.
2 Marble mosaic,granite mosaicmstone plate cutting.