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Thread: DNC Problem

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    Exclamation DNC Problem

    I'm trying to drip feed a large program to a Fadal 6030 and it is stopping part way thru. At N100100 the machine just stops and the spindle and coolant remain on. The only error code that I have seen is on the Cimco transmission status screen and it shows <EOT> on the last visible line. The last line # transmitted is 13 lines past where the machine actually stopped. The Fadal screen goes back to "home" and Cimco appears to still be trying to send the rest of the program.

    I deleted the first part of the program up to the current tool change and restarted. It stopped again on the same line number.

    I read thru some posts here and have since ran the diagnostics with the dummy plug, checked the cables and baud rates. Restarted machine and it again stopped at the same line.

    I then renumbered the shortened program and it went further in the program (about 400 lines more) and stopped at N14580. The initial program is 11626 lines long (numbered by 10) and the shortened program is 6736 lines.

    I programmed it on MasterCam 2018 and use Cimco 8 to transfer it to the Fadal.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: DNC Problem

    The same thing is happening to me on my machine and I can't solve it, it brings usb input but neither does it communicate with the machine, the temporary solution is to send a dnc to the memory of the machine, but you can only program very long

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