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Thread: NC Editor

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    NC Editor

    NC Editor is an extra package to buy or is already installed with V31 ?

    I've a full installation and I can see enabled ICON on tool bar but if I press it nothing happens

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    Re: NC Editor

    That's just a display of licensing status, clicking it won't start it ;-)

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    Re: NC Editor

    which icon are you clicking on?
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    David L. Aery

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    Re: NC Editor

    the 2 arrows in my pic point to the Simulation. If you have no code created nothing happens when you click them. If you click "Edit CNC" the editor should open with no code. I have ver 29, so I don't know if yours is different.
    David L. Aery

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    Re: NC Editor

    I'm using V31 full version.
    Attached a video of menu and button click without any effect (open of external NC Editor).

    At this point I can guess NC-Editor is an extra package to buy in some market....
    If you have some info about please write a reply here...

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    Re: NC Editor

    As recent as I got is V28
    OK,lets be clear on terminology
    You keep sayin NC Editor,but that must be new ?I don't know
    Your license is checked off exactly as my V28 and that is Preditor Editor P

    just found this,evidently new stuff

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    Re: NC Editor

    My guess if you may have an early build for the V31. I would recommend downloading an update off the support portal. Update to the current build and see if you are still having an issue.

    With that said if you could email me you account information, I would like to contact you directly. My email is al @ bobcad com
    Al DePoalo
    Partner Product Manager BobCAD CAM, Inc. 866-408-3226 X147

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    Re: NC Editor

    Hi Al,

    I'm sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation (Normal for Italians to take a break in August).

    Actually I'm using the:

    Version 31.000 Build 3130

    I've tried to find an upate in BobCAD support portal with my account,
    but requires an extra Membership Signup account and seem the updates requires extra costs (I'm in wrong ? )

    Best regards,
    Silverio Diquigiovanni

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    Re: NC Editor

    @aldepoalo I've solved the NC and other issues updating BobCAD-CAM V31 from SP2 to SP3 thanks to DataCAD.de downloading link.

    At now all is working fine.

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