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    No motor movement Warp9 ESS+C11+Mach4

    I have a Warp 9 Smooth stepper connected to my C11 Multi Function Break Out board

    I'm getting no motor movement when jogging with the keyboard. My setup is listed below and I need some help.

    I'm using Mach4 with an ESS Smoothstepper and a C11 Breakout Board.

    Previously the C11 was used with my mach3 setup and worked fine but I decided to upgrade and use a smoothstepper and new software.

    The Smoothstepper configured fine and is communcating with Mach4.

    Here's my setup so far.
    All outputs ere enabled, this is done by jumping pin Ena pin to 5V. The Output enable status LED is 'lit'
    The C11 has 2 5Vdc supplies. First is taken from the PC USB port and the second is by a separate external supply.
    The Ess is not used to power the C11. Pin 26 Jumpers are off.
    The C11 On board charge pump is disabled.
    In Control Config, Axis mapping for X Y & Z is enabled.
    In Control Config (Input Signals) Jogging for all 3 Axis is set (Input selected to keyboard)
    In Ess config Port 1 pins 2 to 9 are set for (X step X dir) (y step y dir) (z step z dir)
    In Ess config Input Signals, nothing is set here
    In Ess config Homing, nothing is set here
    In jog mode the DRO's follow for all 3 axis. The output staus LED's allocated for each of the Step & Dir signals all illuminate during jogging.

    The motors 'Lock' and cannot be turned by hand!

    Still no motor movement.

    Can anyone help please.


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    Re: No motor movement Warp9 ESS+C11+Mach4

    Since posting , I've been an idiot. I had one of my jumpers incorrectly set. How I missed it I'll never know.
    Thanks for your help it has been very much appreciated.
    ESS + C11 now have movement.

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    Re: No motor movement Warp9 ESS+C11+Mach4

    I'm just as silly. I had no movement on my mill.
    I have it wired with the Enable wires connected to drivers. pul/dir are active low, had enable set active low as well.
    Turns out enable needed to be active high. D'uh.

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