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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Daewoo/Doosan > Update on Doosan machines and Ellison service and support.
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    Update on Doosan machines and Ellison service and support.

    I know we've had some stressful issues with new machine integrations and stuff, but I thought it was only fair to say we have 5 relatively major brands of CNC machines on the floor, and Doosan reliability, and Ellison service and support are the best of the 5 brands. I have more confidence in Doosan than the other brands.

    When things aren't perfect in this particular industry, that is very stressful and support can't really happen fast enough. Ellison has it's oddities, like asking for a PO when your machine is down before proceeding with the service. You can get hung up on it, or just give them a number and they will schedule someone out. Sometimes I wish they just gave me a number- the only thing I want to hear at that point is that someone is on the way. We had a TT1800SY turret battery go bad last Friday and they had a service tech in Monday around noon to replace it to get the machine back in production. I'm pretty particular- probably more so than the average customer, when I buy a machine I prefer to get all available PDF documentation so we can learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, and have CTL-F search functionality when we are trying to skim thousands of pages for solutions to machine integrations and customization for our process requirements.

    I've never needed a Doosan part under warranty. We currently have a down 2011 Mazak mill we wish was a Doosan. The Mazak holds a couple tenths in Z but in our short time with it, has yet to be reliable. That Mazak is threatening to throw off a whole product line launch. Hell if it was a Doosan it would be running by Thursday and none of my people would be wasting their time trying to figure it out.

    I've been a Doosan customer for about 3 years, we have 6 Doosan machines, and I'm getting to know and like the Ellison guys. They represent the best support we have on CNC equipment among the five brands we have experience with. They are a pretty decent group of people.

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    Re: Update on Doosan machines and Ellison service and support.

    So glad to hear!

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