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    Using BSMCEO4-PP USB Controller Board with lathe.

    I've been using the BSMCEO4-PP USB Controller board the RnR Plugin and Mach3 to control a converted Seig X3 mill with no problems.

    I also have a Boxford Orac lathe running Mach3 through a parallel port and I'm trying to convert this to USB using the above board. I've purchase another board an connected it up.

    There's no problem running the steppers, limit switches etc as this is similar to the mill. However, I have been unable to get the spindle index to work correctly. The lathe currently has an OPB704 opto-switch sensor and CNC4PC index pulse card fitted, the output from this is supplied to the parallel port BOB and it works well.

    When using the USB board the index pulse only triggers the input port once. I have tried using the handwheel interface as an input as described in https://buildyourcnc.com/Item/electr...ach3-USB-Board using port 3 pin12 and also using the standard input port 3 pin1 using the circuit shown in the PDF. In both instances the index tab lights in Mach3 turn diags screen but only on the first pulse.

    I was wondering if any body has managed to get the index signal to work or could the offer any advice as to how I may get the thing to work. I would really like to update the lathe to USB control.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Using BSMCEO4-PP USB Controller Board with lathe.

    I wouldn't expect any Chinese board to work with Mach3 lathe. Virtually all Chinese boards have some issues with Mach3.
    You're best bet is to buy a non chinese controller, like an ESS.

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