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    Postprocessor for Shibuya laser machine

    Shibuya is a laser machine builder located in Japan, they focus on the untra precision laser cutting. We make a postprocessor for their machine this month asked by a saw producer.

    Corner loops are auto assigned to the serration(saw tooth) in order to getting better corner quality. Open contours are connected automatically. The program origin could be defined in software manually, the generated nc program are located the origin on the center of the saw plate, then user could cut the saw product one by one.

    Multiple tool types could be defined in NC configuartion also, they could be used for inner holes, open contour or boundary based on customer's technical requirement.

    The attachment explained the main feature for the saw cutting customer with Shibuya laser cutting machine.

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    Re: Postprocessor for Shibuya laser machine

    For the same customer, we developed the postprocessor of Panasonic and Mazak laser machine as well. Next step, we plan to combine the three machines into one postprocessor, then user could have three the NC files at one click, no need to switch machines and remange the cutting features and seqeunce, it would improve the efficiency a lot.

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