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    Citizen error code help

    We have a 1998 citizen l20 that is giving these alarms after being transported to us

    Z71-detector failure 0001
    Ex101-bar loader alarm
    Ex052-emergency button alarm

    Can anybody shed some light on the ex052 alarm? Machine wont budge to home it.


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    Sorted, all doors have to be closed when powering up the machine, otherwise you get the ex052 alarm that wont reset, which ment it wouldnt send power to the bar feeder and gave the ex101 alarm. Once they were cleared, the machine allowed its self to be homed to clear the z71.

    Also, when you turn on the main breaker, push the power off button 3 times at 1 sec intervals before the power on button to do a reset. Advice I was given and it worked.

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