Just Get an Partner III H after some work on it almost is running fine but remain 3 problems.
1st when i reset z axis go down and send error, i think z axis driver takes to much time to power axis servo but i can't find how to solve, by now i place a piece of wood supporting z axis until i hit reset and then fine. I wish to solve that.

2nd ATC is not working i fix all mechanical and pneumatic components all sensors work and send signals to controller it can be shown in diagnostic screen Orient command is not working creep speed no signal on diag screen orient spindle sensor is working, i think is config problem, parameters or ATC macro, all other M codes involved on TC work ok G32, M20, M21, M22. i try to change parameters to Manual TC but i not found option, someone can help?

3d allway i turn on need to hit f1 and enter date and check HDD on BIOS, i already change BIOS battery but anyway not keep data, i can't find manufacturer and and model of motherboard to try to get user manual, by now i just get another old HDD and clone original one in order to be prepared to HDD fail.