I have a eding CPU5B and was looking for a pendant. On sorotec I've seen a few different ones.
A cheap diy https://www.sorotec.de/shop/Handradb...-EdingCNC.html
And a genuine Eding for 297,- https://www.sorotec.de/shop/Wireless...l--Lizenz.html

After seeing the picture of the genuine I was pretty sure I've seen it before.

It took me a while, and then I was scrolling through aliexpress and there I suddenly saw a pendant that was exactly the same. Well after checking both pictures I noticed the FN button has a different color.

€ 81,48 | XHC CNC handwheel wireless Mach3 MPG pendant handwheel for milling machine 4 6 axis MPG WHB04B-4 WHB04B-6

Does anyone know if that would work with a Eding CPU5B?