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    Biesse Rover 23 Mach 3 conversion


    I am about to convert my Rover 23 with Mach3, does anyone have knowlegde of what card to use? And what more stuff I need to buy?

    To begin with, I just want XYZ, motor and toolchanger to work but later on also all other stuff.

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    Re: Biesse Rover 23 Mach 3 conversion

    There has been a couple of these machines converted to LinuxCNC and there are build threads on the Linuxcnc forum. There is a much greater range off reasonably priced controller options with LinuxCNC. Pretty sure from what was said they are 0-10 volt analog servos so a Mesa 7i77 will take care of the motion side. Depending on if you want to connect via Ethernet or via PCI/PCIe will determine if you use a 7i92 (ethernet), 5i25 (PCI)or 6i25 (PCIe) to connect it to the PC.
    Rod Webster

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