I have an odd issue I just cant figure out. Machine powers up fine. I push the power button the 2nd time and the servos come on. A random amont of time passes. Sometimes almost instantly and others it takes 5 - 10 min. The "RADY" relay starts pulsing like crazy. I figured maybe its a voltage drop but its not. I hooked up a scope to the relay coil and I am seeing a 24 volt square wave. I even go into the diagnostics screen and sure enough the bit is flipping between a 0 and a 1. Pushing the e-stop will stop the relay but the bit is still flipping till I press the reset button. Even releasing the estop without resetting the control makes the relay vibrate again. Any ideas what to look for here? Anything in the ladder that might cause this? It acts like something overheats with a random about of time. Maybe a loose or dirty connection? I re-seated all the ribbon cables on the IO board. Hopefully someone has a new direction for me to look.