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    Jul 2017

    Need Labvolt mill or lathe software prior to version 5.6

    hi im searching for help regarding lavbvolt 5400 cnc mill

    i messed with my labvolt other day..i was able to get a labvolt 5.6
    mill software from a forum post for free

    i connected the labvolt to my serial port on laptop and then opened
    the software and chose the correct com port and then opened up a
    preloaded sample project that was in the software and sent it to the
    machine and it actually sent fine and then on the machine lcd display
    it said file downloaded and prompted to run and i hit run and it
    immediatley gave me a syntax error line 1

    labvolt tech support told me prior that labvolt 5.6 wont work with my
    generation machines and i would get syntax erro so thats not surpising
    but the fact that it communicated is a good sign

    im trying to find older software lower than v 5.6 mill or lathe software.. i have been working on this quest for 1 yr now ....

    if i cant find then i will try to retrofit with an arduino or mach3
    controller ..i have a spare arduino board i could use as a guinea pig

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    Jul 2017

    Re: Need Labvolt mill or lathe software prior to version 5.6

    i also am looking for need Labvolt Fabricus cad/cam program to work with my labvolt machines

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    May 2020

    Re: Need Labvolt mill or lathe software prior to version 5.6

    where would I find a copy of ver 5.6 software?

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