First, I'm sorry I do not speak English very well
Second, I need your help !

I start in the world of CNCs. I bought a used laser cutter, K1290L from JQLaser.
The seller told me the software used for the machine, powercut 4311. Already, it was not easy to find.
Then the first one did not find my machine.
Then, finding another download and reinstalling the program from it, he recognized the machine.
Unfortunately, I can send the files to the machine, but when the job starts, it tells me Error Data.

I specify that even a job created directly in the software gives the same error code.
I think there is a problem with the software but I can not find others, and I do not find how to solve this problem ...
Ideas ? Did someone have the same worries?

The seller did not have this problem, and was unable to send me the exact software he was using.
I thought it could be a software version problem ...

If somebody can help me .... PPllleeeeeaaaaassssseee !