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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tree > PC2100 Control Alarm 44-84
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    PC2100 Control Alarm 44-84

    I have a Tree VMC 800 machine that was shutdown after a power failure for a month. When trying to boot the control I get Alarm 44-84 No axis configured. I also get Failed Conv. Servo error. I pulled the RT CPU MB connected a video card, monitor, power supply and keyboard. It boots to the bios Says time date not set. Anything else I can do or check?

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    I cant help with that Problem, But I have the same machine and was wondering if you know where I could get the wiring Schematic for the machine or the service manual?

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    Re: PC2100 Control Alarm 44-84

    You still have problems with this equipment ... I am a technical specialist in this control do not hesitate to contact us Nosotros Servicios Automatización y Proyectos mail serviceandtraining@live.com.mx

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