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    RhinoCAM toolpaths

    Good morning to everyone,

    I had a question regarding the toolpaths in RhinoCAM. I'm trying to recall a process from some time ago, but seem to have completely forgotten and hopeful that someone can shed some light into the matter.

    Once you have toolpaths set up from MOPs, and they are graphically shown in the Rhino window, isn't there a way to export those toolpaths as linework for diagrammatic purposes? Or would the the easiest (so to speak) way be to take a print screen and try to vectorize it in Adobe Illustrator, or similar

    Thanks for any help.

    Felipe Lopera

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    Re: RhinoCAM toolpaths

    Sounds like a lot of steps... What are you after exactly? Vectors to cut?

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    Re: RhinoCAM toolpaths

    You can make a set-up sheet with illustrations in RhinoCAM. Is that what you are trying to accomplish?
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