Having a problem with my Mori seiki cl-200
With a msc-803 controller. Recently we had a
Battery go bad. I changed the battery with the power
On but we still lost some parameters. I went
Thru all the parameters and put them back to factory
Settings. Everything seemed ok untill I ran a program.
The spindle starts up just fine then when I switch speeds
It's like the spindle motor isn't responding.
Then at the end of the program the spindle won't stop
I am using an m30 for the end and it doesn't stop.
I have also tried m5 before the m30 but the machine
Just sets on that line like it doesn't understand.
At the end of the program the spindle
Just floats to a stop. Sometimes I get a servo alarm
At the end and sometimes I don't. I'm not well versed
On the ladder logic. So I need help figuring out
What parameter I changed that I shouldn't have or
If it's something else. Any suggests? Thank you
In advance!