I am struggling with SprutCAM v9 to try to get decent toolpaths for some rotary machining. I generally use Fusion 360 for CAM, but it will not handle 4th axis stuff, so I have gone back to SprutCAM v9, which I got with my PCNC1100 a few years back.
I am having trouble understanding the term "stock" as it is used in the SprutCAM rotary machining sense. I read the manual 10 times and I still don't get it. Assume that I have a piece of cylindrical stock in my 4th axis with a tail stock. The part (model) varies in diameter from say 10% of the stock diameter to say 90% of the diameter. I am using linear toolpaths, which I can generate, but the tool plunges all the way to the finished diameter and there seems to be no way to specify a depth of cut. Assume a 1.5 in long 1/2 in diameter ball nose end mill in a TTS holder. The material I am cutting is rigid foam. I am making a plug for a fiberglass mold.

Any help in understanding how to control the toolpath will be appreciated.