Purchased pokeys 57cnc and I am having trouble connecting to my driver. My driver is a cw250 2phase stepper. It’s diagram calls for these connections Outputs:
VCC+: Input power Positive
GND-: Input Power Negative
A+ Wotor Winding Phase A+
A- Wotor Winding Phase A-
B+ Wotor Winding Phase B+
B- Wotor Winding Phase B- Inputs:
CP+ Clock Pulse Input/Leading edge CP- Signal Return
CW+ "1"/"HIGH" Forward
"0"/"LOW" Reverse CW- Signal Return
H/D Jumper to Gnd. for 1/8 Microstep Gnd.
Input CP+ (CW+ )
Input CP- (CW- )

I cannot figure out how to integrate with this controller. Please help