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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    The SSR switches on/off, though sometimes gets caught in the unknown state, meaning the LED light in this video sort of flickers unpleasantly. I tried to catch it in the unknown state, of course it doesn't do it when the camera is on.

    In the video I'm toggling Flood in mach3.


    From the first video, note that output 3- on the MX3660 is connected to input 2 on the relay board (output 3+ is not connect to 5v+, only Output 3- is connected to input 2, this is visible at the end of the first video). The input 2 LED is lighting on the relay board despite the Output 3 pins being turned off in Mach3.

    I haven't had time yet this evening to try the resistor between the ground and the input. My wife is ill, but once i get my 3 year old to bed I'll try to get out there.

    I doubt a ground loop is an issue, I don't have any steppers or accessories connected as I am bench testing, also, my system was dead reliable before. I've added this SSR board, and the additional BOB (nothing is connected to it). But changes being changes, I suppose it's possible.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    Wrong post.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    I get 0V (off) and 5V (on) across the 1k5 resistor. This solves the dimly lit LED issue when off.

    The multiple output issue is persistent.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    Good a small step forward - the 1K resistor shown in the manual must be a link or a low resistance

    Most importantly you have to look after your self so your able look after your family

    next questions

    how have you configured the C10 jumpers ?

    how have you connected the C10 BOB to the MX3660 ?

    there must be a conflict between the C10 and MX3660

    the C10 BOB is unusual in using pin 18 to detect the printer cable is connected

    ignore the second question I was thinking of the MX4660's second port

    you can still try disconnecting the C10 to see if every thing works when you go back to the original set up

    are you using 2 PC parallel printer ports , a motion controller such as warp 9 's Ethernet Smooth Stepper that emulaters 3 printerports or a uc300eth ?


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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    The C10 is connected to the UC300eth-5lpt.

    The behavior of the MX3660 outputs are consistent with the C10 removed or plugged in.

    I have not even attempted to configure the C10 jumpers, I've been preoccupied with these MX3660 outputs. I'd like to be able to control a few items before I start worrying about the additional inputs that I needed the C10 for.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    I don't have an answer to all of the problems but

    I have had a closer look at the SSR board and the G3MB Solid State Relay used on the board
    and noticed there is not a "snubber " fitted across the SSR

    a simple RC snubber is just a resistor connected in series with a capacitor
    that is connected across the SSR's triac

    Attachment 427182

    others have a MOV added like this

    ssr snubber network with a 220R resistor , 0.1uF capacitor and a MOV (metal-oxide varistor )
    to clamp excessive transient voltages MOVs go form high resistance to low resistance

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ssr snubber network 220R 0.1uF MOV.jpg 
Views:	0 
Size:	27.4 KB 
ID:	427194

    the SSR may not work correctly with some LED lights depending on the ballast used
    or inductive loads



    this youtube video shows whats inside an ebay 25A Solid State Relay
    that has snubber built in
    the circuit diagram is at 4:37

    another snubber from amazon (very like the one from ebay found earlier )
    Attachment 427200


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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    I think the hand writing is on the wall here. I need to buy the Fotek units. Continuing to mess with this relay board simply doesn't make any sense.

    I certainly appreciate everybody's contribution here. It's been a real learning experience.

    Once I get the new units and some time to tinker I'll update this thread.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    I got the Fotek units connected up. I ended up installing four of them, all running on 5v, all connected to the four outputs on the MX3660.

    I can switch them all on and off, but they all have a bit of voltage when off. My LED light flickers a bit when the relay is off, my box fan runs very slowly when the relay is off, both items function as intended when the relay is on. I'm sure I need a a resister from something to something else. My brain isn't functioning too well. My wife has been in the hospital since Monday and I've been juggling work and our three year old and everything else. The half hour in the shop sure felt nice though. I might even manage a trip through the shower tonight.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    Shower is good. I'm sure your wife will appreciate it.

    The thing about some solid state relays is that they never turn off completely. They leak a bit, especially the cheap one's from China. You could increase the load current and thus reduce the off state voltage at the output.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    My wife hasn't showered since like Sunday, she's been too sick to get out of bed for the most part. I don't think she noticed my lack of hygiene. She's improving though, she could come home as early as this evening.

    The LED light I used to test with is basically on when the relay is off, though it flickers. It's about exactly the same as it was with the relay board before we added the 1.5k resister.

    When you say increase load current do you mean just attach something larger to the load on the relay? With pneumatic solenoids and my coolant pump I'm not sure that's an option, not unless I add a incandescent light bulb in there or something.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    Came across this video, same guy that was posted earlier with the tear down on the Fotek unit.


    So yeah, I'll have to test with my pneumatic solenoids to see how they behave. I can plug my coolant pump in and see what it does while I'm at it.

    Given the LED's are such low draw I can see how the leakage powers them, the box fan was a bit of surprise.

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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    Hope your wife will get better soon
    Don't forget to look after your self , I know how hospital visits can take it out of you

    The Fotek SSR in post 30 has a snubber made from a 10nF capacitor and a 47 ohm resistor in series

    which I expect has solved some of the problems but passes enough current to cause the fans to run slowly and LED light flicker

    depending on the current via the SSR's internal snubber and the threshold voltage the LED's light and the fan starts to turn

    you may be able to fix the problem by adding a resistor as a load
    ( you have to find a resistance low enough to reduce the voltage across the load without dissipating too much power as heat )
    connecting either a 47nF capacitor or another 470nF +100 ohm snubber across the fan or lamp supply terminals
    example snubber

    to prove a snubber can work
    connect a spare SSR across the lamp
    by connecting terminals 1 & 2 across the lamp / fan
    you effectively connect the spare SSR's snubber across the load



    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fotek SSR-25 taken from big Clives video.jpg 
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Size:	52.4 KB 
ID:	427798
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fotek SSR-25 taken from big Clives video.jpg  

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