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    Need help with Mori-Seiki programs.

    My shop has hundreds of programs posted for an Okuma lathe, but now we’ve purchased an older Mori
    lathe with a Fanuc control.

    On the Mori, the X axis is backwards, the M03 and M04s are reversed the G02s and G03s are reversed,
    the feedrates are a decimal point off, and I’m pulling my hair out. Manually editing these files is a pain
    in the B-hind.

    Do we have to go back to the CAD/CAM system and re-post everything, or does someone have an easier

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Need help with Mori-Seiki programs.

    We have a G-code editor that can do programmable mass edits. Try this:

    A) Download PC-DNC Editor 4.0.5 from our website: https://www.pc-dnc.com/downloads
    B) It will install and run in demo mode for 30 days
    C) Use “File/Open” to open one of your Okuma files
    D) Click the “Modify” menu, then click “Convert file”
    E) Click “Add to list”, then enter “Okuma to Mori” as the name of a conversion profile
    F) In the “Mirror” box, put the letter “X”. In the “Around” box, enter “0” (zero, not letter o)
    G) In the “Format” box, enter the letter “F”, then select the Mori’s federate decimal increment
    H) In the “Swap” box, enter “M03”, in the “With” box, enter “M04”
    I) Increment the “Step” number in the “Swap” line, then enter “G02” and “G03”
    J) Click the SAVE button to save this file conversion profile.

    Now, any time you open an Okuma file, click “Modify/Convert”, select “Okuma to Mori”, and click the “Convert” button. The Editor will do each modification in sequence. If you don’t like what just happened, click “Modify/Undo” to put everything back.

    If you need to convert Mori programs back into Okuma format, create and save another conversion profile called “Mori to Okuma” it will do pretty much the same thing (only the F-code format would be different)

    You can have up to 20 “Steps” of each “Modify” function in each profile, and you can have as many conversion profiles as you like.

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    Re: Need help with Mori-Seiki programs.

    I have a later model (1999) Mori Sl200 with Fanuc 18i (Mori MSC501) control. I've seen mentioned in numerous places in the programming and operations literature that talks about a reverse JIS standard that can be implemented on my lathe. I think machines that stay in Japan use this. The whole machine can be flipped by changing a parameter or keep relay or two. I don't recall which. If I run into the info again I'll post back. Your machine may have this same ability.

    Another thing you might try is flipping the direction your servos turn. I know there is a servo motor parameter that is usually 111 or -111 or something like that which tells the computer which way the motor turns when receiving a command. Doubt this is as reliable as what I mentioned above. Maybe someone with deeper Fanuc drive knowledge can back me up or shoot me down about this.

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    Re: Need help with Mori-Seiki programs.

    hy bavsec, idea shared by dan fritz seems ok; you definetly need a text-editor, capable of handling custom conditions; i believe that also notepad++ can do such things, but i don't have experience with it; if i should, i would probably create my own text editor

    if you use a text editor, be sure that you will be a able to identify, later, if a file had been converted or not : for example, just at the begining, write " ( converted to mori, using converter type x ) "; in time, you may update the converter, so be sure that you are running the latest variant

    also, check out this okuma app : https://www.myokuma.com/kipware-cnc-xchange

    good luck with finding the parameters for reversing the standard; it would be an easy-fix / kindly
    Ladyhawke - My Delirium, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_bFO1SNRZg

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    Re: Need help with Mori-Seiki programs.

    I'm at the shop now so can clarify what I said above. The Reverse JIS specification pertains to the X axis only. My books don't say how to change it but if you called Mori I'm sure they could. Your Okuma machines are also from Japan so it's not completely out of the question that one or the other is operating under a different version of what are all Japanese standards.

    My idea about servo parameter changes might work too, but I was wondering if the display would follow along or if everything would end up ass backwards and confusing as hell.


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