Small question. Our Haas CM1 has slow acceleration on the x/y/z axis. (eye balling it at around 1000 mm/s2 at most). It's slow as molasses in January for a servo driven machine this size.

Our bigger Super Mini Mill runs circles around the CM1 in terms of acceleration. (but lacks spindle speed) (10krpm)
Our main goal for buying this machine was to be able to have quicker machine-times due to the high speed spindle (machining mainly aluminum with smaller mills) It's the 50krpm version.

It seems that some parameters are not set correctly (and in those lines I expect the acceleration also is set to a factory default or so) the spindle power is 3.7Kw, but the main screen shows 27.3Kw spindle power, and with the warm-up procedure it shows 28% spindle load (7.6Kw) (which on 3.7kw equals to about 1kw, which seems fair for a belt driven spindle at 50krpm with a ~1:4 driver ratio).

above mentioned issues seem to be parameter related, does anybody knows what parameters take care of the acceleration and/or the projected spindle power?