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    Need Help. Stuck in MDI mode. Can't change programs.


    We have a Hyundai Kia 21skt with fanuc oi-tc. Everything was working fine until a program got to a certain block that it refused to do anything on. Had to stop the spindle zero return and now I can't execute the program at all. I can't change to another program. I can edit three other programs in background but vanity load them. I can run mdi commands and the turret rotates and moves on a and x axis. I can't edit the foreground program. It's as if the machine thinks it still needs to finish where it left off on the currently loaded program but it won't do anything. Also when the z axis is returning to home (machine zero) it no longer slows down for the last couple inches before 0.0. X still does.


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    What did it stop on?
    Tried to message you direct but won't allow it

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