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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Stepper Motors / Drives > Cheap Chinese stepper motor & driver kit. What to expect?
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    Question Cheap Chinese stepper motor & driver kit. What to expect?

    Hi all,

    TLDR: People who have used kits like the link below, What issues can i expect to have when ordering these?

    For context:
    I'm planning to build a cnc router to cut wood, perspex, and possibly the odd bit of aluminium.
    I'm trying to do this on as much of a budget as possible while still getting a half decent finished product.

    I built a 3d printer 2 years back out of entirely Chinese parts and managed to cut the cost down by about 60%.
    I had the usual expected issues with tolerances on parts, but with access to a workshop full of tools and a couple re-ordered parts it came out great so I'd like to go this route again (it's the only route since I can't afford to buy brand name parts for the size I want)

    I've got all the rails, lead screws and framework already out the way, but I'm a bit stuck on motors/electronics.
    I've found this set of steppers and drivers for sale for a price i can't see matched anywhere.

    I understand the drivers are most definitely just clones of the drivers they claim to be, but the bundle has a bunch of positive reviews so i figure it has to work to some extent right?
    To anyone who's actually purchased similar bundles, can you please let me know whether they worked out ok or any problems you had

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Re: Cheap Chinese stepper motor & driver kit. What to expect?

    Don't buy those "kits"; they are simply an assortment of the cheapest parts available, and they don't work well together. While I couldn't find the inductance specs for those specific motors (a red flag in itself) the inductance tends to be high, like 9 mH, which means they want about 96 vdc supplied to run at full speed. But they've given you a 36 volt power supply to run it. "Reviews" are easily faked, and commonly are. You can look up those drives on this site and see what people really think of them: I'd say hold off on the motors and electronics until you've got the frame built. This will give you time to do some more research into these matters and come up with something that may not be the absolute cheapest solution, but that might actually work.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Cheap Chinese stepper motor & driver kit. What to expect?

    I agree. After you have done some more research, you can with confidence select good parts individually, and make your own kit that will outperform most of those packages... often for less money, too.

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    Re: Cheap Chinese stepper motor & driver kit. What to expect?

    I have had great experience with those style of drivers, and similar motors. I am using them on a retrofitted new hermes nh3400 engraving machine. You might be a little light for a large router. The drivers and motors are very smooth and quiet compared to the original drivers.

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