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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Spindles / VFD > HY spindle on/off but no speed control.
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    HY spindle on/off but no speed control.

    If my BoB is correctly putting out voltage (0-10v) based on RPM input (Mach3) for my Spindle speed then the problem must be on the vfd side? (HY VFD & 2.2kw Spindle)

    I think I have every parameter set correctly for ext control and the jumper moved to pins 1&2. I can turn the spindle on/off but cant control speed.

    P0070 needs to be set for "0" for 0-10v right?

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    Re: HY spindle on/off but no speed control.

    You don't supply much information. I had issues with my HY spindle speed control also at first. Not sure of your setup so kind of hard to offer help, but if you are using Mach 3 or UCCNC I would suggest getting a cheap RS 485/USB converter from Amazon (less than $10) and getting the HY plug in (free). From there it's only a simple 2 wire connection to your VFD and it makes things fairly simple. There are a number of posts on this forum regarding the plugin and RS485 use with the HY VFD and spindles, but this gentleman provides a great video and info which may help. Good luck.

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    Re: HY spindle on/off but no speed control.

    Quote Originally Posted by dbtoutfit View Post

    P0070 needs to be set for "0" for 0-10v right?
    What do you have for PD001 and PD002?

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    Re: HY spindle on/off but no speed control.

    Thanks guys.

    Got it working. Even though I did not find a single setting wrong.
    I did a Master reset (PD0013=8). I then went back through and reentered the settings.
    I am now a firm believer that the order you go about entering the settings can be/is important. (I know PD003 can not be set to 400 until 4 & 5 have been set)

    Anyways in the end I had to play with setting on PD001 and PD002.

    I basically had them both set to 0 (After the the rest).
    Then changed 002 to 1.
    Turned off the VFD, moved the jumper back to VI. (pins 1-2) Wired only the FOR and DCM to the relay.
    Turned on the VFD
    Toggled Mach3 relay to turn on the spindle (which didnt work but just saying exactly what I did, don't know if it help unbug things or not)
    Then set 001 to 1.
    Powered off the VFD and wired VI and ACM back.
    Turn back on VFD.
    Tested in Mach3, it started working.
    Then set 071 to 0 from 1.

    For some reason it worked this go around. I went through all the setting and wiring before I did a reset and they were all correct. Continuity, Polarities etc.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now just got to figure out how to get Mach3 RPM DRO/Input synced to the VFD. Running about 2k deviation higher per vdf ROTT display.

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    Re: HY spindle on/off but no speed control.

    In the end It is soooooo much better to just go with the HY plugin and USB RS485 Adapter. That's what I did $8.00 next day on Amazon Prime

    Thanks for everyones help.

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