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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Autodesk CAM > F360 - spiral toolpath on 4th axis?
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    Re: F360 - spiral toolpath on 4th axis?

    Quote Originally Posted by dharmic View Post
    FastFarmer just a thought: if you're resetting the machine workspace you're going to have to reset the workspace in the toolpath as well. Perhaps in the post for each of the operations? Or as a manually inserted block between them?
    Hi dharmic, that is correct, so all three solutions you mention work. The issue is when the rotary toolpaths follow each other they don't reset the WCS. I've been trying to get around this in the post, but I think this is really a bug... because all other toolpaths reset the WCS when they are run.

    Thanks Roger, but this one is a fusion issue, not controller.

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    Re: F360 - spiral toolpath on 4th axis?

    Ah: have you lodged a bug/help request on their forums? Sometimes they can be pretty quick to respond...

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