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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Milltronics > ERROR 402: Y-Axis software limit overtravel
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    ERROR 402: Y-Axis software limit overtravel

    Our 1997, VM16 with Centurian VI controller has just started throwing this error at cycle start.

    It throws the error regardless of where the table is at the beginning of cycle start.

    I thought it might be a faulty limit switch, but after escaping to the main menu, the machine jogs fine in all axis' with the handwheel. Normally when the machine would over travel, I'd have to hold the reset button in while jogging the axis off the switch, but this doesn't require that.

    Has anyone seen this problem in the past? Our spindle is making noise, and will need service or replacement soon...I'm just not sure if digging into these issues is worth it on a 21 year old machine.

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    Re: ERROR 402: Y-Axis software limit overtravel

    Sounds like the first move of your program is calling for it to exceed its allowable limits. That's what software overtavel is, to prevent the axis from needing to rely on the limit switches.

    A few ideas:
    1. The part you are making is too big from the zero location.
    2. Your program is in mm but the machine is set to inches and your program isnt calling for it to switch. (I have done this many times on simple programs that I key in)

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    Re: ERROR 402: Y-Axis software limit overtravel

    Hi Chud. I can help with your machine.

    Give Me a call.


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