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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tormach Personal CNC Mill > Tormach PathPilot™ > PathPilot Y soft limits "capping at -9.5000000"
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    Re: PathPilot Y soft limits "capping at -9.5000000"

    Quote Originally Posted by vmax549 View Post
    You do have to be careful about which copy of teh ini you are working with. There is teh Current version, the fallback version and teh last 2 updated versions on teh drive. And there are several ini files per setup teh base ini the ini and teh specific ini and many section based on teh Tormach model numbers.

    I just checked here again and it will not let me set teh softlimits beyond teh Max travel values specified in teh INI.


    Just a thought. (;-) TP
    This is good to know, I set my limits many updates back and they havent changed with new updates............
    mike sr

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    Re: PathPilot Y soft limits "capping at -9.5000000"

    I reset the machine today and it wouldnt take the x0y0g0 command to go to the preset center position, error message was that it would exceed the max travel limits of the machine. This post came to mind so I reset it back to 2.0 and still had the same problem, I tried several versions and still had the problem, I finally reinstalled the 2.2.4 and it started working again with the extended limits?? I dont know whats going on or why it would change?
    I have the job done so I am going into the .ini file to see if I can just modify those lines to read the same as soft limits are set to.

    I also have trouble with the probe settings, I remove the probe, install the shorting jumper and still get the "probe trip error" at the beginning of a program for no reason, that one is irritating too..........

    I guess it is typical software updates, fix a problem or two and create a couple more that you didnt have before??
    mike sr

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