Rigid 1400mm x 1200mm 3-Axis CNC Router for sale - $4000

Frame - made of Quality 80/20 brand aluminum extrusion T-slots using 3030 profile beams for strength, durability and precision. Beams are held together using strong 80/20 anchors.
The heavy frame is supported by four short legs on casters for mobility. The Z axis is also supported by 3030 profile beams, as well as reinforced by a 3030 beams cut at 45 degree angles for stability and increased rigidity.

All axes are driven by precision anti-backlash ball screws SFU (2010/1605/1204) for maximum torque capacity, precision, accuracy and strength. All axes are upheld and transported using high-quality steel linear guideway rails on square type carriage bearing blocks for maximum performance, reliability and repeatability.

The machine uses powerful Nema stepper motors (Nema 23 & 34) for reliable torque to cut through all wood materials, plastics and some non-ferrous metals.

Electronics: The controller consists of both an (ESS) ethernet smooth-stepper board for motion control as well as a PMDX-126 breakout board and currently is connected to four DM542T stepper drivers, plus an additional driver to connect to an additional axis, if desired. I also have the water-pump and tubing for the spindle. I can include the Dell 990 Optiplex PC Desktop Intel 2600 3.40g 16GB w/ 120 gb SSD Windows 10 HP 64 that includes the Mach 4 Controller license for additional $500. I have Fusion 360 installed as well as licensed MeshCam software.

The spindle is a 220v 2.2 KW 3 (hp) water-cooled spindle, powered by a 220v 2.2KW Huanyang VFD. I can also include some ER20 collets, CNC endmills, bullnose bits and a new surfacing bit, as well as a vacuum attachment.