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    Post Okuma VR-40 II Alarm help!!

    Hello, a couple of years back before i started working here the people working here decided to wash our machines with a pressure washer and the Okuma VR-40 II "broke" afterwards. It has just been standing here since but our boss decided today that we should try to see if we can fix the machine. The alarm we get is [1008-01 Alarm A] SVP Diff over X-Axis 19AE4. As far as i understand it has something to do with the X-Axis overtravelling or something like that but how does one fix this? The machine has a OSP 7000M operating system if that's any help. When we press the reset button the machine gets the normal open door "alarm" and then the spindle "jumps" a bit in X and then the alarm just resets. If we keep doing it it starts "jumping" into the wall of the machine a few times and then it changes direction from + to - and just keeps doing the same thing
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