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    Question about setting X Y part origins

    When I first started working with Fadals at my present job, I was shown a quick way to set a part origin (That they would use for engraving) by typing "SETX" enter, "SETY" enter, and "SL,1" enter (for Set Length, Tool #1) with the tool at the desired location.

    The more "normal" way to me, is going to "Utility", "Fixture Offset Setting", selecting a work offset ("1", or G54; "2", or G55, etc.), and zeroing X and Y at the present location. And then, using the tool setting cycle for tool length (and diameter) offsets.

    At the end of the day, I always park the axes in the Cold Start position to be ready for the next morning. I've noticed that when asked the question, “Do you want to move to the last home position?", If I respond "No", my origin will be lost if I used the "SETX" "SETY" method (With "Yes", it is preserved.). As I would expect, an answer to this question either way does not affect my G54/G55, etc. setting, when I use that.

    Where, or in what way, is the "SETX" "SETY" stored in the machine? It doesn't show up under any of the G5_ locations in the fixture offset table, that I have seen. And the fact that it is affected by the home position question... The method of setting the tool with "SL,_" does show up in the tool offset table and can be modified there, as I would expect.

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    Re: Question about setting X Y part origins

    SET(axis) or SETH establishes the tooling coordinate system home. it is not an offset but rather a coordination system. SETCS returns to the MCS cold start position.

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    Re: Question about setting X Y part origins

    Ahh - Thank you.

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