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    Lightbulb New Lathe Automatic Turret Tool Head-8 tools

    I would like to introduce you a new gadget to increase the productivity of machining for all who want to improve the classic or CNC-converted lathe. Our Automatic Turret Tool Head enables quick change of up to eight tools while maintaining high repeatable accuracy. This is maintained due to the high rigidity of the patented pneumatic mechanism.

    The turret head is designed for use on CNC lathes running Mach3 software. The head can then be mounted on the slide, you just need to connect pressurized air, connect 5 wires to the control electronics, adjust a few parameters in the program, download the control macro and start machining.

    For conventional lathes, an increased number and fixed tool positions in combination with digital axes can also be used to speed up machining. In manual mode, rotation is triggered by a button on the solenoid valve.

    Furthermore, it is possible to supply coolant directly to the cutting edge of the tool by means of the special plates. Primarily it is possible to clamp a 12x12 mm tool on the head. For other tools of different shapes (drills, mini chucks, milling cutters...) it is necessary to make an individual accessory according to the attached drawing. The turret head can be mounted even on smaller lathes, for mounting it is necessary to make or otherwise obtain a base plate, which must be attached to specific support with screw holes for the turret head as shown in another drawing included in manual.

    More info: https://www.altaros.cz/en/content/53...ic-turret-head
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