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    What CAM software can I use with an ISEL 4030 CPM Machine with KAY

    Hi all.

    Firstly, if you're reading this - thank you for taking the time to have a look at my thread.

    I am a fresh MSc Product Design graduate with a few years' experience with SolidWorks and various machines, however am COMPLETELY new to using a CNC. A few months ago I was given the opportunity to purchase and ISEL 4030 CPM machine, and took up the offer.

    I have the CNC successfully running with CAD parts modelled in SolidWorks - exported as STLs, toolpaths created in DeskProto, and read on-screen with KAY.

    I've managed to CNC a few pieces so far, however am struggling with the CAD/CAM transition from part to toolpaths readable for the ISEL 4030.

    I am looking to upgrade from DeskProto as I have found it to be incredibly limited in relation to various capabilities such as part feature recognition (eg. lacking the option to select specific faces etc. to mill), and well as its machining strategies.

    I have a copy of SolidCam and Fusion 360.


    - SolidCam: I am struggling to add the ISEL 4030 to the CAM Machine library. Is it possible to enter the machine in or have SolidCams directory search & source from an ISEL 4030 file with machine parameters that I can download? Does the 4030 need its own parameters put into SolidCam for it to work? Do I just plug & play by creating toolpaths in whatever machine is selected? Is there a universal setting that i'm unaware of as a newbie - and in actual fact it should be fine?

    - Fusion 360: I have briefly read online that there is compatibility with the 4030 to Fusion, however I've only used the CAD software a handful of times vs years with SolidWorks (although am willing to use Fusion if it is compatible/workable with the 4030 CNC).


    I am entirely willing to take suggestions on what to do, what software's to go with.. I would really appreciate any guidance/advice, as as I have mentioned i'm new to this machine.

    Overall i'm just looking to ditch DeskProto to find a software that will create toolpaths from a part/.stl that the 4030/KAY will read

    (I'm looking to CNC small pieces from various woods sized <300 x 250 x 50).

    Thank you in advance its greatly appreciated!

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