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    Spindle will not turn on Lagunmatic 310 with Delta 20

    I recently acquired a Lagunmatic 310 with a Dynapath Delta 20 controls. I am brand new to programming any CNC. I am going through the machine to get it ready to run and from this point everything seems to be in working order except that I cannot get the spindle to come on. When I manually turn the spindle on nothing happens. I can manually adjust the spindle speed knob (making sure its not set to 0 or the highest limit) and still the spindle will not turn on.

    I am getting no faults and the machine is not in E-Stop and again I am getting no faults and I can hear the E-Stop brake in the spindle release when I press the machine on button.

    With the manual spindle switch in the on position and the manual spindle speed knob set to 1/2 way, when I home the machine, at the bottom right hand corner of this screen, the spindle speed reads:S0000 (I may have added an extra 0 or need to add another one as I am doing this from memory from earlier today). Once the machine homes, while in this screen, if the spindle is manually on, off and the speed manually adjusted, no matter any of these conditions I still get the same Spindle Speed reading of S0000.

    The machine has a newer Yaskawa VFD (I am assuming this is running the spindle speed) and it appears that there is no signal going in or out of the VFD (once again I am a total beginner at VFDs).

    I have also tested power to the spindle when I turn it on and I am getting no power at the leads at the top of the machine on the spindle itself. I also have the manual speed lever on the top right hand side of the machine set to high (the lever forward) and have tested the roller plunger switch for the speed selection as it is not stuck reading low speed.

    The spindle oiler is full of oil (however I have not changed the oil as it is the same oil that was in the machine when I got it.

    Is there a way to turn the spindle on through the controls?
    Is there anything else I should be checking?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Re: Spindle will not turn on Lagunmatic 310 with Delta 20

    You say you are new to this machine so it's not clear to me if you have performed all the basic verifications. Do you have a manual for the control? If not, that should be one of your first purchases.

    Was the machine running prior to your purchase?

    Have you run a program with spindle speed set (s) and an m3 or m4 command?

    There is a mode in the control where the program will run but with spindle speed off I believe (I don't have my manual on hand to check).

    Are the fuses/circuit breaker to the VFD good?


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    I just acquired a digital copy of the manual for the control so I have not completed the basic verifications; I will read through and perform this task.

    I was given this machine and it was said to be running when I got it but it has been sitting for 4-5 years.

    I have no idea how to program this machine so I have not run a program for the spindle speeds sets yet. I’ll read the manual I just got to fiigure our how to do this.

    All the fuses/circuit breakers have tested out as good.

    I am 99% sure this is operator error and not the machine itself. I will study the manual and try to learn a thing or two.

    Thank you!

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