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    ...Advice about Planet CNC ???


    I want to upgrade...

    Presently, i have a chinese CNC mainly to engrave PCB's.

    The machine itself does the job,I also heve the stepper motor drivers that i want to keep along.

    It's on the computer / interface that i want to upgrade.

    Presently, i use a PC with parallel port with unlicensed MACH-3.

    I want to upgrage to USB along with a licenced software.

    The "Planet-CNC" 4-axis USB controller board (USB to motor driver) interests me. (I do not want to use Mandarium hardware.) Furthermore, software (CNC USB Controller) is included.

    What are your feelings about the "Planet CNC" solution ? What are your pros / cons ?

    Alternatively, do you suggest me to remain with MACH-3 (licenced) and a cheaper USB controller ?

    I mainly use the CNC for leisure / hobby electronics. (Not a commercial/industrial use).

    Thank you.

    Link: https://planet-cnc.com/hardware/#products-hardware

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    I use thin clients for running mach , they are compact , cheap and they work great .

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    I have a chinese CNC mainly to engrave PCB's.The machine itself does the job,I also heve the stepper motor drivers that i want to keep along.To read more information click on this link.
    Link- https://www.awazeuttarpradesh.com/

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    Planet CNC will not run Mach 3 it only runs their software.

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