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    Need help. Amada RG 100L

    Recently a co-worker with no knowledge of how to operate me press break, damaged the upper bed. My supervisor and owners of the company decided to take the upper bed off. They decided to mill it back to square on a Parpas ML 120. After machining the portion where the distance pieces set we reinstalled the upper bed. I need to know a reference point or how the best way to install the plate to get the machine back to square. I'm sure my distance pieces are also warped but doubt they will replace those. My boss spoke with people at Amada. The technician told us we could take thr plate off and machine it. After that all communications stopped. Any information will be a great help. Thanks

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    Re: Need help. Amada RG 100L

    Grabbed a random RG manual off the Amada site, there's a split adjuster on the left side of the upper beam. Pic attached, it's fairly self explanatory.

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