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    Question New CNC'er & Seeking CAM Software alternatives.

    Good Morning All,

    First-time post.

    I work as an R&D officer alongside the engineer, my job is to take the 2d AutoCAD design and apply all the tool paths/operations and then cut/mill/saw a prototype on the Emmergi T6 CNC Mill. We are using CAMPlus (supplied with the machine by Emmegi), but find it's limited to some functionality we are seeking and since I am completely new to this (started about a month ago and loving it!) I thought I would come to the experts and ask for guidance.

    We work with DXF Profiles, save in LDT and export to LDA (the format the CNC Machine reads). We also wish to save tool paths/operations as blocks to import onto other DXF profiles (a function we do not have right now)

    For example, we have three types of operations: Manual (no drive rail), single (drive rail on one side) and automatic (drive rail on both sides of the doors). We have 4 different types of drive rails depending on the overall weight and size dictates which drive rail we need to use.

    So we would like to design the drive rails and all their required parts and then export them to another program or file format and import them when needed and adjust their position, instead of design each door three + times.

    I hope I have made sense.

    If there are any standalone CAM software that you know, that fit the above. Please help, even better if it comes with awesome tutorials.

    Thank you for your time and help,

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    Re: New CNC'er & Seeking CAM Software alternatives.

    I don't entirely understand the post.I also think you may have some challenges ahead if you wish to save toolpaths as blocks.I haven't any knowledge of your machine and it's controller and so will have to ask whether you are proposing to use CAN cycles with parameters you add to each instance or sub-routines to insert into various jobs.Does the manual for the machine offer any guidance?Alternatively,should you be looking for parametric CAD software that allows you to adjust the dimensions of a template to suit each type of job as required.This would allow you to specify a piece and then generate toolpaths to suit.

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    Thank you,

    CAMPlus user manual is more a brief (very brief) description of each element in the toolbar. Nothing beyond that. There is a parameters option but for what ever reason, it doesn't work and with absolute no support from Italy (the creators of CAMPlus and the Emmegi CNC's) it's made it hard.

    This is why I am looking for an alternative to CAMPlus at the moment. If there isn't any program out there that would let me save tool paths blocks (more a thing on the boss side of the argument). Just a good CAM Program that has support/forums/manuals/training, design in 3D and works with DXF, LDT and LDA formats?


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    Re: New CNC'er & Seeking CAM Software alternatives.

    That looks like a fairly specialized machine. You might want to look at something like MasterCAM or AlphaCAM, but they aren't cheap.

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    Re: New CNC'er & Seeking CAM Software alternatives.

    Few questions that might help us better identify what could work for you.

    1) Available budget for software & Technical.Maintenance Support (one-off or annual)
    2) Training resources (need to be youtube based, or procured)
    3) Scalability requirement (are you likely, or hope, to make complex parts in the future)
    4) Programming skills (some basic/inter prog skill may be required for postprocessor customization for the machine you currently own)

    Assuming this is the machine you are currently have?

    Once we've established those requirements I'm sure someone here will point you in the right direction, regardless of the parts/work that you do.

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    Re: New CNC'er & Seeking CAM Software alternatives.

    I've looked up your machine. Have a siemens var on-site to see the machine and ask for Siemens NX (mach advantage /w cam licensing options; your var will customize options for you).
    You might want to look into their ISV licensing if "real-machine" verification and collision detection is required (normally a must for a machine like yours).
    In terms of post processor and customization, I'd start with Post Builder for your type of machine (flexible, basic prog skill, TCL language).
    Modeling/Assembly/CAM/Programming Training available. Forum based, webinars, full documentation online (free).

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    Re: New CNC'er & Seeking CAM Software alternatives.

    Take a look at VisualMill from Mecsoft, which we distribute. While I don't see the Emmegi machines on their list of supported posts, if it uses some variant of G-code Mecsoft will configure a post for your machine for free when you purchase the software at the regular price. All they need is a sample of working code. They also provide excellent free support; you'll find it's a refreshing change from what you've been experiencing. I don't see any problem doing what you seem to be talking about - having 3 different programs set up to deal with 3 different product configurations. If it's more complicated than that, you'll need to explain more clearly what specific function you need.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: New CNC'er & Seeking CAM Software alternatives.

    I personally find it easier program in cam plus using simple formulas + movable guides (reference points) and then load multiple ldt's on to dxf in JOB software that commes with the mashine.
    After some time i find this machine quite capable . to use same ldt on different dxf there is option to add multiple dxf to allready created ltd ion camplus in tdt settings in menu

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